What our customers say

St. Christopher's Primary School

“ We have been buying personalised exercise books from exercisebooksdirect.co.uk for the last two years and we love them! They do not cost us more than we were paying for standard and they have our School Crest on every one, which adds to our sense of identity. We know we have to plan ahead to get the best prices, but now that we are used to that, it works well. If we need any at short notice they now can do top ups in two weeks too” Mrs Caroline James, Head teacher, St Christopher’s, Red lodge, Suffolk".

Stowmarket High School

“We really love having all our books with our School Crest on the front and are organising our second years order for personalised exercise books early, as we want to take full advantage of the great prices available through exercisebooksdirect.co.uk .” Dave Lee-Allan, Head Teacher, Stowmarket High School

Linton Village College

“We were using printed plastic book covers with our School logo at Linton Village College; moving to personalised exercise books has reduced our cost and enabled all pupils to carry their school crest on the front." Helena Marsh, Principal Linton Village College

Baydon St. Nicholas

‘We have just ordered - for the third year running - our personalised exercise books as we love them. All helps add to our sense of identity and pride in our learning.' Caroline Knighton Headteacher Baydon St Nicholas, Wiltshire.

Ormiston Rivers Academy

‘We are now ordering our third batch of personalised books and plan ahead to get the best price. We also buy filing products as they too have the best pricing I could find’ Angela Mahoney, Finance and Business Director, Ormiston Rivers Academy

Unity Education Trust

“Four of our Schools in Unity education trust have now taken advantage of personalised exercise books thanks to the fantastic pricing available direct from Europe’s largest manufacturer. I will be encouraging all the schools in the trust to plan ahead in their exercise book purchases to enable them to save money and if they want personalise their books” Lucy Smythe, Hub Finance Manager, Unity Schools Partnership.

Cherry Hinton Primary School

“We love our personalised books and are now also buying our copy paper as the prices from exercisebooksdirect.co.uk are the best we have found.” Patricia Yoxen Headteacher, Cherry Hinton C of E Primary School

Grove Road Community Primary School

"Do your exercise book providers send you Christmas chocs? Ours do! I've been really chuffed with our new, personalised exercise books this year from Exercise books direct." Christopher Harrison, Headteacher, Grove Road Community Primary School.

Gorton Primary School

"We love our new books. We have found that presentation and pride in pupils work has increased now that we have our school badge on the front of our books. A great resource and excellent quality and price." Rhian Williams, Head Teacher, Gorton Primary School