Artwork Guide

To ensure that you get the best print possible we advise the following:

  • The larger the file size the greater the quality.
  • The smaller the file size the more likely that the final print of your logo will be of poor quality.
  • Logos should be minimum of 300dpi.
  • When using the website, you should upload your logo in a JPEG file format.

If we receive your logo and we think that the final print will be of poor quality, then we will contact you to discuss this.

When we print your exercise books we print in an area that is 105mm by 105mm for A4 and A4+ Exercise Books and 84mm by 84mm on our 9” x 7” Exercise Books. We also use an inkjet printer that prints your logo in greyscale, meaning that if your logo is in colour, we will replicate this with different shades of grey. For an example of how this will print see the images below.

Colour guide

  • Colour Logo

    Colour Logo

  • Greyscale Logo

    Greyscale Logo